Episode 8

Published on:

20th Dec 2021


Mr. Starz – MindReader

Coral Gables – Bygone

Noah Elliott – Undone

Misery Lane – Heroes

Macky – Hello, Who Is This?

Aly Mazarine – Rage

Zoo Rass – Did You Know

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Corners Pressed

Maya Clars – Road 22

Anthony Lai - Bobbi's Song

Jaxon Pryce – Wanted

Iris Bonet – What It’s Like

Rhona Macfarlane – No Rain

The Goldtunes – Girl in Black

The Jones Title – Birkenhead


15th Bend – Lucid

Fia Nyxx - Gemini Ft. Taylor Xo

Julian Harper – Cherry Blossom

Serena Sun – For the Hell of it

Courtney Cole – Light

Simmons and Schuster – Start with Drums

Bleak Mystique – So Much Fun

Serpenta - A Spade's A Spade

Kate Brunotts – Gemini

Far West – A to Z

Brodie Dawson – Skip a Beat

Mini Sants – Romeo (ft. GESS)

Spyderland – Bop it

My Tree – Tell me About It

Station Worship – King’s Kid

Catbells – Same as you

Willow Woodward – Fade

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