Episode 7

Published on:

13th Dec 2021


Moonroof – Goodbye

Mal Sounds – VVS

Bad Bloom – Automatic

The Tell Alls – Pace The Pesos

Sinqo – Visionz

Yannon – Cohesion

Geo – Feel it Now

Young God Blow, DAM3 & Kemkooley – Summer ‘16

Yukkon – Two Way Street

Oinktopus – Love

Mr.Starz – Party all Night

Anna Belle – CESSPOOL

Kimley Mayron – Levitating feat. Colonel Reyer

Inanna – The Machine

Selena Vaughn – Icarus

Elijah Pierre – Sweet Mistake

Liz Dix – Cold Space

The Infinite Daisy Chains – Hope you grow

Acraea – Clockshifter

Dyna Edyne – The Dome

Noah Paul Harrison – Aren’t We Something

Fair Phantom – Favorite Sin

Ovtsxder – Money Talking

Dean Batten – Let ‘Em Bleed

Simon Ocean – Excite You

December Fades – Sunrise

EJ Carey – Rising Tides, Crashing Skies


Sunflower Summit – Do Nothing

Gillian Rae Perry – Lost Children

Kid Souf – Stalker

The Kyd – Grind

Rubber - Synth Pop Idol

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