Episode 9

Published on:

27th Dec 2021


Jeremy & The Harlequins – Let me Out of You

Melissa D. - Justice

Leesha-Z, Esme Lark Sail Away

Ryan Douglas Michelsen – Dark Clouds

Boyu – Glass of Wine

La Tesce – Run on it

The Grand Mess - Summertime (Ft. Oren Major)

Solo En Saturno – El Silencio

Belladon – Truths You Crave

Taylor Xo – Dillon Blue

Michael Ransom – Good News Comes in Threes

Jorge Ostos – Dream

Drunk Pedestrians - Steel and Stone Feat. Wasteland Hop

Charlie Noir – Poltergeist

Nishidani – Yabai

Cashavelly Morrison – Metamorphosis

Pretty Weird Blonde – Bitcoin Boi

Erinn Alissa – Gypsy Soul

Fertility House – Mockingbird

Buenos Diaz – Inauguration Day

Popcorn Kid – Moment in Time

Bree Wihtworth – Time

Love Ghost – Peace = Madness

VHS King – Remember me Tomorrow

Sarko Montaug – We Live in the sky

Emerge Restless – Bethel, Believe

Dripple E – Avatar State

Salti Ray – Are You Still Sad All the Time?

SATE – Nobody

Shira – Am I Beautiful

Inanna – Change

Christina Li – Residue

Scalawag – Nobody Leaves

G&CHI – Jukebox Baby

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