Episode 6

Published on:

6th Dec 2021


Lore City - And Tomorrow

Seth Emmert – Last Call

TheWorst – Jim’s Song

Dj Diverse – Tonight

Haley Ganis – Peaches & Dreams

Sarah Krohn – A Part of me

Zach Sanders - First Move

Sayana – Small Talk

Katalitik – Expert in Hallucinations

Flo Chase – Lies

Marina Bennett – Till the End

Bullpup – Bed song

Cydeways - Take Flight (with Surfer Girl)

Alexia Rev – Drop down

Ilustrada – Keychain

KC – Forget You When I'm Famous

JamieJ – Free

ZERP – Feelin for you

Peacetime Guitar – Winter Wonderland

Iris Marlowe – Cowboy Chords

No Lonesome – Strange How

Tanuki Project – Dystopia

Kami Kehoe – Lovesick

Samuel Herb - I Think It'd Be Fun To Fall In Love

Dj Diverse – That love

Annie Scherer – Elevate

Ruchi – No Criminal

Rodes – I’m Not Gonna Get What i Want Tonight

Kaycie Satterfield – Sarah

The Goldtunes – History Class

Pamphlets – It Feels Like

Saige Noelle – Alright With Me

Wally Hoak – Hard Feelings

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